06/07/2021  at 19.00h 

Courtyard of Jabalquinto Palace 


Plenary Session Culturhaza. Agripino and Protasia


Culturhaza is a creative project by Protasia Cancho and Agripino Terrón where life, thought and work occur in the naturalness of the days waiting for the earth and the word to bear fruit.


It is right there in that conjunction of the "fertile" where the possibility of creative thinking generates and articulates the different actions that will give way to the various artistic manifestations of which the Culturhaza collective is a producer (happening, performance, video creation, poetry, music, etc.), all of them under the common denominator of “Agrolandart”. And naturally, the poetics of the land is recreated and regenerated in Culturhaza from the agricultural work itself as a way of existence and vital resistance, which finds its expressive foundation in the origins of the European Land Art example of coexistence between art and nature.


In the extratemporality of art, tradition and contemporaneity coexist to offer us the strangeness of everyday life in a haza where the work of the countryside is transformed into islands, paths, haicus, doubts and thoughts wound into balls, through the farmer's own mechanisms and processes . A Bouza, August 18, 2011 Holga Méndez

08/07/2021 at 10.00h.

Baeza Theater

Flori·cultura subversiva. O.R.G.I.A 


It involves the production of a discourse in relation to the idea of ​​garden, an idyllic framework of heteronormative and visible courteous love, and at the same time, a place conducive to more “invisible” subversive practices in its corners and dark recesses. We see the garden as an image of a particular micro-political practice, where a series of relationships and hierarchies between the elements that make it up-build-practice-inhabit are put into play. That is why this space has served us, among other things, to claim the demonized image of the woman-bicha as a noisy, transgressive and annoying icon for patriarchy, as well as to analyze the genital character of flowers, and establish a set of audiovisual and conceptual games.


From these points, we have first written and then recorded in a studio - always collectively - a series of sound samples, which among many aspects, recover the most sound rhetorical figures of language (onomatopoeia, alliterations, etc.). ), either revolve around the idea of ​​performative language, which builds-visibilizes a reality when defining it, or they reflect on the power of the encyclopedic model to normalize a series of bastard conceptual contents (giving them a patina of truth). Secondly, and through joint illustration, we have developed a certain “botanical” practice, generating a collection of multisexual, pansexual flowers. Starting from the floral iconography based on the collective subconscious of the group (without fixed references), and through various displacements and perversions of semantic and semiotic order, conceptual and formal ties between the genital and the cultural have been established, based on the morphology of the flowers, reproductive organs par excellence of the plant world, object of social metaphors with respect to human genitality, beauty, delicacy, purity, virginality or the most strict and normative femininity - among other issues.

09/07/2021 at 13.00h. 

Baeza Theater


Round table on current paths for artistic education

Discussion Panel aboutby Teresa Eça Fernando Hernández, Ricardo Marín, María Letsiou, Glen Coutts among others, where to discuss issues addressed at the heart of congress actions