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InSEA President  (2019-21)


I have attended and presented keynotes and other papers at many regional and world congresses. In addition, I have been instrumental in organising conferences and congresses both nationally and internationally. For example, I was co-chair of the InSEA European Congress held in Rovaniemi in 2010 and the World Alliance for Arts Education Global Summit in Finland in 2012. I have been an InSEA member since 1996 and during that time, I have been:

• elected as a European Councillor twice;

• Principal Editor of the International Journal of Education through Art 2010- 16;

• Vice President of the Society 2014-17; Secretary 2017- 19;

• one of three Principal Editors for IMAG (the Society’s ART education VISUAL Journal) 2016-19;

• chair of several InSEA working groups, for example the Research, Praxis and Publications groups.

I currently serve as chair of the Publications Board.

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InSEA Secretary  (2019-2021) 

Dr. Patsey Bodkin is a lecturer in Art Education in the School of Education in the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin, Ireland where she has been a faculty member since 2007. Prior to joining the School of Education she worked as a secondary school Art teacher for 20 years, teaching Art, Craft and Design and the History and Appreciation of Art.


She completed her Ed.D. at Dublin City University, her M.Ed. at University College Dublin and her undergraduate studies at the NCAD. She holds postgraduate qualifications in Education Studies and the History of European Painting. Patsey was President of the Art Teachers Association of Ireland (ATAI) from 1999-2001 and she is still actively engaged in the association.

Her specialisations are in the areas of Initial Teacher Education and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of teachers. She is the coordinator of the Joint Honours BA in Education and Design or Fine Art programme in the NCAD. 

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InsEA Vice-President (2017-21)

I started working in InSea since 2014 as a councilor for Africa and Middle East region, at this time InSea started to have more members from my region, more participant to InSea conferences and congresses. I promoted InSea inside my region and made it visible, I helped with my colleagues launching “ AmSea “ Africa & Middle East organization for Education through Arts in Cairo, April 2013, starting with 83 members from the region. By 2014 I was elected as one of two vice president and I worked more for promoting inSea in the different countries concentrating on the erea that have less members of inSea. I hosted the ARTGILA123 exhibition in Cairo and created a poster and recorded the event. I co-edited Imag, the online magazine for InSea as an issue of Africa and middle east .
I started the Peace patchwork project in Africa and middle east and we assembled the first big piece in InSea regional conference in Cairo 2018 with a cooperation with NEPAD. Now, I am organizing the WAAE conference in Egypt to gather all world arts organization together for the first time in Africa and Egypt.

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InSEA Vice-President  (2017-2021)


Steve Willis taught art in public schools for 23 years prior to joining the faculty at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri USA where he is Professor. His research interests are in indigenous knowledge, issues of equity, Native American practices, tribal cultural construction, issues of arts assessment, service learning, community engagement, and spirituality in art. He has served as a consultant for various schools, school districts, and community arts organizations; has presented at national and international conferences; and has published in national and international journals and has served on various editorial boards. Steve is currently one of the two InSEA Vice-Presidents (2017-2021).


As a contemporary artist, he creates images concerning spirituality (



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